Blend is a hand drawn collection that takes its cues from the visual universe of bakeries and coffee shops. The name refers to the combining of different kinds of coffee beans to get a balanced taste, and Blend does just that, although here each typographic flavor can also be enjoyed separately. Projects such as branding, children’s books, wedding invitations and labels are sweetened with this cute family.
The Family Pack consists of 21 fonts: a bouncing informal Script; a wonderful set of condensed romans and two subfamilies of condensed Caps, both with stackable Inlines; playful Dingbats and Ornaments.

Supported Languages:
Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian.

Open Type features
Swashes, Stylistic Sets, Ligatures and Positional Alternates.
To get more information about features and alternates, see the User Guide.
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