Chonky is a bold script font based on English calligraphy but with touches of the vitality that the commercial lettering of 1950s had, and it is mostly inspired in the work of the master Doyald Young and his lessons. Its rounded terminals, friendly look and heavy weight make Chonky a perfect option for advertising, packaging and visual identities.
The Family Pack consists of 3 fonts: Regular, Poster and Extras. 
In the Regular font, the ascenders, descenders and capitals are the shorter they could be; while in Poster, they are larger, in order to achieve more graceful forms.

Supported Languages:
Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian.

Open Type features
Swashes, Titling, Stylistic Sets, Ligatures and Positional Alternates. 
Standard Ligatures and Contextual Alternates should be always active. Positional forms will appear automatically.
To get more information about features and alternates, see the User Guide.
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